Quick Guide to Guaranteed Mobile Phone Contracts

With more and more people stuck with a poor credit rating, the number of lenders offering guaranteed mobile phone contracts in the UK is also on the rise. For people with bad credit that canít find a suitable contract deal from major carriers, guaranteed phone deals are excellent alternatives for the time being. But before you jump on board and sign up for one, itís best to know every detail you can get your hands on about such deals. To help you along, here is a quick guide about guaranteed mobile phone contracts.

What is a guaranteed phone contract?

Guaranteed phone contracts, as the name suggests, are the type of phone contracts that guarantee approval despite your poor credit rating. Providers of these types of deals are focused on helping customers who cannot otherwise get approval for a phone contract elsewhere. If your application has been refused, a guaranteed phone contract is a quick and easy to avail alternative.

Just like a typical phone contract, these deals also offer you an option to choose your handset and your bundle package. Since you have bad credit to consider, however, handset options may not be as exciting as when you have good credit. In most cases, youíd want to limit your choices to the cheaper handsets to keep the monthly fee at a comfortable price.

What are the requirements?

Requirements for a guaranteed phone contracts are very minimal. With credit check out of the picture, itís no wonder why itís super easy to avail this type of contract. In general, youíll just need to prove that youíre above 18 years, a United Kingdom resident and have proof that you are in employment. You can be self-employed or working full time. Either way, you just need to provide proof of income to seal your applicationís approval.

Where can you make an application for a guaranteed phone contract?

Guaranteed phone contracts are widely available online. Thereís no need to visit your carrierís office to complete the application adding more appeal to the deal. With a guaranteed phone contract, your main job is to look for a reputable lender online. Once you find your lender, you can fill out the online form, choose your handset and bundle plan then wait for approval. Once approval is confirmed, you should receive your phone as soon as possible, typically within a day or two.

How much does a guaranteed phone contract cost?

Basically, different mobile phone plans have differing costs. Your monthly fee therefore will depend on the type of contract plan you will apply for. In any case, there are 2 main factors that will affect your planís cost. These are: the mobile device as well as your preferred phone service. There are also associated charges to take into consideration. To know more details about hidden fees and charges, it would do you well to read the small print or call customer service for more info. If you want some tips on how to save on your phone bill, on one hand, you can go to PC World.