What are the three types of phone deals?

There are three types of phone deals available to customers across UK. Each type obviously has its set of advantages and drawbacks. In this guide, weíll take a closer look at each type so youíll have a better idea which one is the best for meeting your needs and budget. The three types of phone deals are pay monthly, Pay As You Go and Sim only.

Pay Monthly Contracts

Most customers in the UK prefer pay monthly contracts because of several plus points. With a contract, the biggest advantage is being able to choose the phone that you want. Itís part of the plan, which means you donít have to buy it upfront. And as long as you choose the right plan, you should be able to save on your call, text and data rates in the long run. On the downside, youíll have to pay a monthly fee for 24 months.

Pay As You Go (PAYG)

For light mobile users, going prepaid or opting for PAYG makes perfect sense. With PAYG, you are required to top up your phone with credit prior to using any phone service. This means greater control on your monthly bills because you only pay for what you are using. On the downside, PAYG may not always come through in case of emergencies.

Sim Only Deals

Last but not the least, Sim only deals are deals that offer only a Sim card. Thereís no handset included in the plan hence the monthly fee is significantly cheaper. Like a typical phone contract, Sim only deals offer excellent rates on your call, text and data services. To avail this deal, youíll have to bring your own phone. Itís not for you if you want the latest handset. To compare the best Sim only deals today, go to http://www.uswitch.com/mobiles/compare/sim_only_deals/.